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Bet on live draws with stunning hosts with Betway betgames. These unique quick result games give you the opportunity to keep betting long after the whistle has blown. To get started, simply click the Betgames tab, select your preferred game and enjoy.


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What are betgames

Betway betgames are a variety of quick result games that integrate livestreamed draws with an online betting interface. The result is a hybrid of online and real-world betting that gives you the best of both world and then some.

How to play betgames

Each unique betgames variant has its own set of rules and betting options. However, all Betway betgames follow the same navigation template and betting procedure.

How to place your first bet:

  1. Log into your account or register a new account
  2. If you’re new to Betway, make your first deposit and claim your welcome bonus
  3. Click the Betgames tab and select your preferred game from the game selection bar
  4. Select the betting category you
  5. Select the specific bet (following this step, some bets may require you to make an addition selection either with the bet type or on your betslip)
  6. Finally, click Place Bet to complete the process

If you require a game-specific how to guides, simply click on “How to play?” option just above the game selection bar. Within these guides, you’ll have access to a detailed breakdown of how each game works including screenshots of each step.

Types of betgames

Casino classics

The casino classics betgames adapt some of the casino most popular table games into something new. In addition to offering the classic betting options that you know well, the casino classics betgames offer a number of addition betting options. Casino classic betgames available at Betway include War of Bets (essential a game of high card where two hands are dealt a single car), Bet on Poker (a simplified version of Texas hold ’em) and Baccarat.


Games involving dice have been around for many centuries. The Betway dice betgames offer a fresh take on these games. In addition to offering a classic version of the game called Dice, we also offer Dice Duel. The first is a simple roll of five dice with players able to bet on Combinations, Numbers and Total Sums. Dice Duel pits two dice (one blue and one red) against each other. In addition to being able to bet on which dice will win (will roll the higher value), you can also bet on Numbers and Totals.

Wheel of Fortune games

The original selection of betgames were wheel-of-fortune-style games with livestreamed draws. These games offer by far the widest selection of betting options and the largest potential winnings. The most popular of the wheel-of-fortune-style betgames are the Lucky 5, 6 and 7 games. These games involved betting on a draw of a specified number of coloured and numbers balls. The number follow Lucky for each game defines the number of balls drawn. For example, during a Lucky 7 draw, seven balls are draw. In addition to being able to bet on various combinations of the numbers drawn, you can also bet on the distribution of colours, Total Sum, Odd/Even and more. In addition to the Lucky betgames, Betway also offers Wheel. This game features the classic wheel of fortune. You can then bet on what number or colour the wheel will land on.

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