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Virtual Football

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Bet on Virtual Football at Betway Kenya and experience a multi-competition format where we have picked multiple competition modes that you can enjoy from the tips of your fingers. You will get to enjoy realistic matches, betting markets, and competition mechanics that will create an environment that will engage you and get you as interested as you are in real sports. Get to bet on major leagues and cups that exist in reality and a vast collection of international and domestic cup competitions.

Virtual Basketball

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Enjoy Virtual Basketball at Betway’s 24/7 betting arena. The multi-channel Virtual Basketball product offers infinite matches in realistic league competitions that includes all popular betting markets. Betting on Virtual Basketball uses the best of the gaming and movie industry Motion Capture technology mixed with unique access to real sports data.

Virtual Tennis

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The Virtual Tennis product offers an always-on high frequency betting experience that lets punters place single and multiple bets as they would in a real tennis match. Get to enjoy 16 player tournaments that show the competition progress through to the quarter finals, semi-finals and the final. You will have access to all popular betting markets that are available.

Virtual Horse Racing

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Bet on Virtual Horse Racing and enjoy the product that provides fast-paced, real-money-betting on virtual races. Betway offers multiple race days running in parallel and punters have a wide variety of races to bet on at any time of the day. Virtual Horse Racing offers two race days at the same time with a duration of 45 minutes, and each race day covers 9 races per track at an average start time of 3 minutes.

Betway Casino 

Join the Betway Kenya Online Casino and keep yourself entertained with the online slots and table games and you could be one of our big winners.

Betway Casino

Play the Bar Bar Blacksheep Online Slot from your mobile or online and you could stand a chance to change your fortune forever.

Bar Bar Blacksheep Online Slot
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Published: 09/12/2018