KSh20 Million Jackpot Winner Catch Up

Life has really turned around for 63 year old Joseph Onywera since he won the Sh20million Betway Jackpot last year.

Onywera is still the talk of his Kapiyo village, Kodete in Kisumu county with villagers always treated to a bottle of soda every time they visit him. In fact one of his bedrooms in the sparkling two bed-roomed bungalow he built from the jackpot proceeds is full of crates of sodas-specifically for his guests who always have a reason to visit.

It is a major turn around for a man who was divorced by his first wife as he could not afford to take care of the family's daily needs. When the Betway Kenya team visited on Saturday afternoon, Onywera's compound was sparkling clean. With the money he got, not only did he build himself a house, he has also managed to install electricity, a rarity in this area and something that continues to make him the envy of his neighbors.

Inside his tastefully furnished living room, he has mounted a 32-inch television from which he follows the daily news. At the corner in his dining room is a beautiful dining table that can sit up to six people. "My life has changed a lot since i won the jackpot. I can now enjoy things i used to only dream about," he tells the Betway Kenya team.

Apart from building a house for himself, Onywera has also bought several pieces of land in Kisumu and is currently developing one for renting out.

KSh20 Million Jackpot Winner Catch Up

"I also bought two cars-a Nissan tour van that cost me Sh2.4million and a Probox. I hire this out every day for funerals or weddings which brings me a constant income. The rest of the money I put in a fixed deposit account for future investments," he explains.

Onywera also grows rice for sale in some of the pieces of land he bought. One of his sons Justine Ouma has enrolled for a degree course in supplies management at the University of Nairobi, Kisumu town campus. "I am happy to have got this opportunity to enroll for a degree course because my father could afford it courtesy of winning the Betway Jackpot," he tells us.

KSh20 Million Jackpot Winner Catch Up

In a parting shot, Onywera who continues to bet on the Betway platform advises those who have not won anything not to give up. "Betting has changed my life. I only put in Sh100 and got Sh20million so don't give up. It was actually by chance. On the first day, I got six correct matches but it never crossed my mind I would get all 13 games correct. Even when I was called I thought I had won Sh20,000 and not Sh20million. It was purely a chance"

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Published: 05/16/2017