Jackpots at Betway

A life-changing sum of cash could be a Jackpot entry away. We have four excellent options available to our customers, with a choice of Correct Score and Match Result Jackpot bet types. For each type, there will be selected fixtures to bet on every week, including some of the world’s biggest football games, with the draw for winners taking place weekly. Put your football knowledge – and luck – to the ultimate test and see if you can predict your way into a gigantic Jackpot win.

Choose from these exciting Jackpots

Pick 13

By far the most popular in Kenya, this Jackpot was made especially with Kenyan football fans in mind, sporting a quick and simple format. Make 13 correct Match Result predictions and you could win millions.

Pick 15

This time, pick 15 Match Results based on the pre-selected fixtures in this Jackpot and stand to win an exponentially bigger Jackpot than the Pick 13.

Pick 6

Simply pick 6 Correct Score results for the selected fixtures and secure the chance at an even bigger Jackpot win – with bonus prizes even if you get up to three predictions wrong.

The Colossus

This is the big one. With over KSh100 million in the pot, all you need do is correctly predict the score of 7 pre-selected fixtures. You can get up to three predictions wrong to still qualify for a massive consolation cash prize.

Bonus prizes

The amazing thing about a Jackpot entry is that it qualifies you not only for a chance at winning the gigantic Jackpot amount if you get every prediction correct, but also for huge bonus prizes if you get a few selections wrong. For example, you can still win big even if you got up to three incorrect predictions.

Could stats improve your game?

Remember, for each fixture you can always tap the Stats button and get a very quick, summarised view of how each team is currently faring. You can pick between viewing each team’s most recent results from their past six matches, or a team-specific head-to-head, showing results from the teams’ last six clashes against one another historically.

Multi-line selections

You can also make multiple predictions at one time, splitting your entry into multiple entries, depending on how many varying predictions you opt for. For example, if you’d like to make two predictions on one fixture, because you’re not quite sure which way the game is going to go, make the two predictions by selecting both, and you’ll see your number of lines jump to two, and your ticket cost jump to the cost for two.

You have now created an entry containing your predictions, plus your first prediction for the one game, and then another entry containing your predictions, plus the second prediction for the same game. It’s an easy and convenient way of spreading your bet a bit wider. You can do this for multiple games as you fill in your initial Jackpot entry.

In a rush or can’t decide? Use Smart Pick

Smart Pick is a system that easily fills in your picks for you based on what the most likely score might be on each game if you’re short on time or can’t make up your mind. You even have the option to pick multiple lines and create several entries. The predictions will be based on current statistics, however, as we all know in a game as unpredictable as football, anything can happen.

Mobile Jackpots

Bet on Jackpots easily and conveniently using your mobile device simply by navigating to the Betway site on your mobile browser. Here you’ll find the Jackpots tab and be able to quickly place your Jackpot entries whenever and wherever you are.